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The Words of Robert William Service

It is Later Than You Think
My Masterpiece
The Three Voices
My Highland Home
The Wedding Ring
The Wanderer
The Logger
It Is Later Than You Think… reprise

Robert Service composed these words around the turn of the last century… Now, at the turn of this century, John Rosenberg has given them “melody and tone”, and a voice that lifts them clear off the pages.

9/9/99 – Hip Hip Beret Music

Your Poem

My poem may be yours indeed, in melody and tone…
If in its rhythm you can read
A music of your own;
If in its pale woof you can weave
Your lovelier design
‘Twill make my lyric, I believe, more yours than mine.

I’m but a prompter at the best; crude cues are all I give.
In simple stanzas I suggest-
‘Tis you who make them live.
My bit of rhyme is but a frame,
And if my lines you quote,
I think, although they bear my name, ‘Tis you who wrote.

Yours is the beauty that you see in any words I sing;
The magic and the melody
‘Tis you, dear friend, who bring.
Yea, by the glory… Yea, by the gleam
The loveliness that lures
Your thought to starry heights of dream.
The Poem’s yours

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