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Robert W. Service

The music I wrote came effortlessly at first: the melodies simply began appear as I read each verse, accompanying the words instantaneously as I was reciting them. And I wasn’t the first to do this – others have set his poems to music – even the Beatles used one of his works as an inspirational jumping-off point for one of their songs.

There was a rhythm and rhyme to his poetry that flowed effortless in whatever direction his thoughts took.

With some continued effort on my part, I was able to spin many a piece of musical fabric that hang so comfortably on his every word.

[ see his poem: “Your Poem” for some spooky insight into our “collaborations ]

Mostly because of this, it often feels as if if I am simply hearing music that he had written directly into each line – each turn of phrase turning into the perfectly obvious harmony and melody that could only accompany that poem.

> I am still uncovering new gems and have yet to complete many of the ones begun over the last 10 years.

> Hopefully a second CD of “ours” will see the light of day and be available for your listening pleasure sometime soon.

Pick up any book of Robert Service’s poetry and be prepare to be amazed at his wit & wisdom, and his use of words to paint some extraordinary musical pictures.

John Matthew Rosenberg

“My poem may be yours indeed, in melody and tone
If in it’s rhythm you can weave a music of your own…”

Robert William Service

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